VisitScotland Expo and Dundee Airport Meeting


Visit Scotland Expo

Three DAVAA members attended the Visit Scotland Expo on the Dundee Stand last week. Whilst some members were there meeting with prospective clients we all represented DAVAA and promoted the Dundee and Angus region. It was also brilliant to see other DAVAA members at the Event on the Angus Stand; that being the Glenesk Hotel and Park / Links Hotel. I hope the other members found the Expo to be as successful and were able to capture numerous business leads. I found both days very useful and it was especially pleasing to note that a number of the international attendees I engaged with now know where Dundee is and in some cases, were able to tell us about the V&A and what it will do for the region. It was also apparent that the other regions remain well represented with unmissable stands. Visit Aberdeen and Inverness were excellent and the Glasgow team had created a whole street experience, something to aspire to for our region.

During the Expo I met with Willie Macleod from the BHA as well as Associations from the other regions to talk about a proposed Tourist Tax which Edinburgh Council predominately is lobbying to introduce. Generally all the Associations would oppose the introduction of a Tourist Tax however Aberdeen Association had an interesting and important opinion on this. Aberdeen Association have taken the view that they would not endorse or oppose the introduction of a Tourist Tax however should a Tourist Tax be introduced they have engaged with their Council to ensure they have a say on how the Tax would be spent. Their view was they wanted to ensure if a tax on Tourists was introduced they wanted to have influence on where that was spent. I thought that was a sensible approach to take. All the Associations are waiting with baited breath on what happens with Edinburgh Council as if this goes through, other Councils will invariably follow suit. Willie Macleod will prepare a synopsis of the meeting which I will share with the committee.

Airport Consultative Meeting

The Airport Consultative meeting was also well worth attending as this is a key access point to the City. The Flybe Amsterdam flight was discussed and the main points to note would be that the flight had to stop because the Surveillance coverage at the Airport did not meet the requirements of the Flybe Aircraft on this route. Flybe would not be in a position to restart the flights under the current surveillance coverage.

Whilst this is a huge frustration for all concerned including the Dundee Airport, they are actively seeking new partners to operate this route and this would focus on partners who can land under the current surveillance coverage. The other interesting item was the special currently on offer on the London Stanstead – Dundee route (£49.99 one way). Flybe have put on this special as the aircraft which currently does this route needs to go for a major overhaul. They have therefore chartered another larger aircraft over the period May & June. The additional seats have allowed them to offer the special and the hope would be that any additional travellers making use of this would frequent our establishments.

The other brilliant news was that Loganair who currently operate under the Flybe logo will be going it alone from the 1st September 2017. Using their own aircraft, reservations booking engine, staff and under their own new Brand they will operate a number if not all of the existing routes they currently fly under the Flybe Brand. I felt this was an excellent opportunity for them but also for Dundee and DAVAA. I hope under LoganAir the Dundee Stanstead route and perhaps others will get renewed focus and ultimately bring more tourists to the city.

I hope this is of interest. If there are any questions please let me know and I will share the additional info as soon as I have it.