V&A Dundee: Are you ready?


The countdown begins. Finally, we’ve got THE date of 2018. It all begins to become a little bit more real and we rub our hands in anticipation. V&A Dundee opens its doors on the 15th of September and the city and the surrounding areas are eager to accept that long awaited surge in visitor numbers. We all can’t wait.

But, are we ready? Are you ready?

Of course we’re ready. We just sit back and wait for the bookings to fly in.  Don’t we?  They’ve invested eighty odd million and we’re about to reap the rich rewards. Our rooms will be full, the city will be bouncing and business will be good. Happy days.

Well, that’s where we’re wrong.

Yes, thousands more visitors will be heading our way and yes, we will reap the rewards. But should we just sit back and wait for it to happen? Hell No! We need to do our bit to help bring those hundreds of thousands here, keep them here longer and keep them coming back. This rather blunt point I’m making was echoed, in a gentler fashion, by V&A Dundee and VisitScotland at a joint industry event aimed at tourism businesses from across Dundee, Angus, Perthshire and Fife. A packed Discovery Point meeting room (well represented by Fife businesses) listened to an update on the V&A Dundee development so far.

A workshop followed, delivered by Open Change, to work through ways each business could link up to promote themselves and the Museum to their customer base. Our DAVAA members not in attendance may be wondering the same. How can we get the message out to help V&A and thus help ourselves? Well, fear ye not – it’s not all ‘you must do this and we’re not going to help’. Of course we’ll help. That’s what DAVAA is all about. V&A Dundee have kindly supplied us with a digital pack to enable our members to help get the message out on our websites and social media channels. A copy is being sent out to all our members.

After all, if we’ve got a thoroughbred horse we’d better make sure you look after it. We feed it and we learn to appreciate it, otherwise we’ll not win any races. Through the international press, the world is finding out about the arrival of V&A Dundee, but it’s a big world we live in and it’s full of all sorts of wonderful places to see and things to do. So maybe it’s not a countdown. Maybe it’s a race and in V&A Dundee we’ve got the favourite  in the race, so we better start backing it.

The gates will fly open on the 15th of September. Are you ready?