Tay Cities Consultation feedback


Some of our members attended workshops between the 7th and the 12th of December to discuss the Tay Cities Regional Tourism Strategy. Led by Peter Jordan of Toposohy and facilitated by Scottish Enterprise, the information gathered will be used by the public sector partners to develop a new Regional Tourism strategy.

From the conversations Toposophy have summarised their findings to be

  1. You value the assets that the Tay Cities region has, and would like these to benefit businesses across the whole region. It is important that the new strategy helps to build on local success, and doesn’t detract from work that’s going on locally to develop and market individual part of the region.
  2. The tourism offer for the region as a whole is strong and varied and you would like to develop them further in order to attract visitors and encourage them to stay longer. In particular the region’s particular strengths are: food and drink (local produce); design and the creative industries, and; outdoor activities (e.g. walking, hiking, cycling).
  3. In the future, it’s important that the tourism industry (tourism suppliers and local tourism networks) plays a much greater role in decision making – turning the discussion into action. There should be positive changes in the way the tourism industry participates and influences investment.
  4. It is important that the strategy addresses areas that need improvement across the region. These include improved connectivity (especially via public transport), guidance and support for small businesses, and addressing issues such as inequality and social challenges present in some areas.

The workshops, held in Dundee, Angus, Perth and Fife were open to all and limited to 25 spaces at each. All four were fully subscribed, but in both Angus and Dundee several attendees did not attend. Only 12 people attended the Angus workshop. Disappointing, considering the information relayed in finding 3.

But, any lack of engagement can be addressed by all the tourism businesses keen to take part by attending the Tay Cities Regional Tourism Conference on the 19th of March 2019.