No time for the January blues…….

January is often a time to get started planning whatever fresh new plan you have for yourself or your business. It looks like everyone is on it this month as …[read more]

DAVAA Christmas Lunch at Dundee & Angus College

We made an early start with the festivities as we sat down to relax and enjoy freshly prepared seasonal dishes cooked and service by HNC Hospitality students. Our venue was the training …[read more]

Update on potential Food & Drink Network

Over the past year DAVAA volunteered to make efforts to bring together the bars, cafes and restaurants within Dundee to form a Food and Drink Network. As an Association that …[read more]

Dundee Photo Tours

We were jumping for joy when a few of our DAVAA members were treated to some photography lessons from the very talented team at Dundee Photo Tours.  Under the expert …[read more]

Making DAVAA’s voice louder

Since our AGM in February, the Association has been very busy behind the scenes working on various projects. From workshops and strategy meetings to presentations and debates, we’ve been active …[read more]

DAVAA 2019 Annual General Meeting

Now, your normal AGM can sometimes be a sombre affair, dealing with the somewhat boring, yet essential, tasks that laid out in the Constitution. But, not this year’s DAVAA AGM. …[read more]

DAVAA’s Belfast Learning Journey

Dundee Tourism Learning Journey 2018/19 (Belfast) Dundee. A city still preparing itself for change On the 16th of October at our DAVAA committee meeting, a discussion began around the continuing …[read more]

Tay Cities Consultation feedback

Some of our members attended workshops between the 7th and the 12th of December to discuss the Tay Cities Regional Tourism Strategy. Led by Peter Jordan of Toposohy and facilitated by …[read more]

Dundee Food & Drink Network

DAVAA member, Bruce Sheridan –  GM at Forbes of Kingennie, has put a short survey together to try to understand what the ‘appetite’ is for a Dundee based food and …[read more]

The Tourism Tax Debate

The ongoing consultation by the Scottish Government on the issue of a prospective ‘tourism tax” was raised at one of last years Committee meetings. Mike Metcalfe provides some detail to …[read more]

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