It’s All Change and Business as Usual.



The past several months have been unprecedented. Never have we undergone such an upheaval in the way we do business than now. Our Members have been forced to adapt and think outside the box just in order to keep the lights on and although we’re beginning to see glimmers of hope, there still lies challenges ahead.

We’ve seen a huge drop in occupancy, a total disruption in the way we operate and the ability to forecast future revenue has become almost impossible. The events and conferencing sector has all but stopped with a massive shift towards virtual meetings that could bring about dramatic changes as a host of industries looks to ways that will save future costs. That could see a drop in business travel and therefore a drop in accommodation demand. On a brighter note; many social events, particularly weddings, have been rescheduled and this could help many businesses bounce back in 2021. 

Many businesses benefitted from the financial lifelines thrown by Government. DAVAA itself applied and was successful in receiving funds from VisitScotland’s Covid-19 Support Scheme for Tourism Destinations and Sectoral Organisations to the tune of £1250. We were able to apply for 50% of our member fees but due to a huge demand the scheme rightly opted to reduce the amounts available to make sure more groups benefitted. Our amount was reduced by half and it is funds that we, as an Association, are grateful for.  With DAVAA opting to waive our member fees until 2021 this funding will make sure that DAVAA keeps its lights on too.

Business as Usual

But, out of adversity often comes solidarity and the DAVAA Committee have remained in communication with each other since lockdown took effect. Like many, we’ve evolved into ‘masters’ of the digital meeting space and through our conversations we’ve kept a focus on sharing news and links to external support wherever necessary, both with each other and the wider membership.

Through all these changes the mantra that appears on the home page of this website still holds true. DAVAA continues to strive towards – ‘working together to raise the profile of Dundee and Angus and drive business for Accommodation providers‘.

Our membership crosses the border between Angus and Dundee and with representation on the Boards of Angus Tourism Cooperative, the Dundee Tourism Leadership Group and VisitDundee our Committee will continue to look at ways to position the Association positivity as we move towards helping to recover and rebuild occupancy levels for accommodation.

One more wee change

I shall be stepping down from my position as Secretary of DAVAA.  I have thoroughly enjoyed  the past four years in the role and I will stand down at the end of this month. The same communication methods will continue with the email, social media (Closed Facebook Group) and website being managed by the Committee from September.

I wish them every success in continuing to forge the important connections that DAVAA has made between accommodation providers and the wider tourism and business communities.

Calum Crichton, from Holiday Inn Express, will be the new contact via