Is your Business ‘China ready’?


A record-breaking number of Chinese students recently spent the summer learning at the University of Dundee. With an increase in the amount of visitors to Dundee and Angus from emerging tourism and business markets, Brett Davidge of the Apex Hotel provides a few hints to enable us to do our bit to help international relations and asks the question ‘Is your business China ready?’.

The Hospitality industry has long been associated with welcoming guests across all nationalities into its businesses but are we prepared to take note of the individual nuances of each culture to ensure they feel truly welcomed? ‘

Ni Hoa’ or Hello in Mandarin, as DAVAA members learnt at a recent briefing on welcoming Chinese guests held recently in Dundee. We all welcome the Chinese culture and guests into our establishment and to ensure they feel the warmest welcome.

Below are some small touches we can all do:

Exchange business cards with two hands, look at the business card and never write on it!

  • Be punctual it is considered very rude to be late for a meeting!
  • Small Touches, Pot Noodles, Chopsticks, Water at Room Temperature, Green or Chinese tea, Slippers to name a few.
  • Seniority matters, do not send an Assistant when the General Manager is expected. A welcome note from the most senior person goes a long way!
  • Chinese will often ask for warm water which they carry around in a flask.
  • The Number 8 is very lucky and indicates wealth. There is a reason the Beijing Olympics started on the 8/8/8 at 8:08!
  • The number 4 is very unlucky, never put a Chinese person in a room with a 4 in the number or on the 4th floor.
  • “Face” is very important in the Chinese culture. Never put a Chinese person in a position where they lose face especially in front of others.

So next time you have Chinese visitors in your establishment remember a few of these things and show your respect and compassion for their culture.