Free Google Tutorials with Digital Garage


Google are holding free tutorials, in various spots around the UK, on everything from online marketing to maximising your online presence and more. I went along to the training session in Glasgow at the Mitchell Library and I found it to be really helpful.

I initially went in to a group session, where a ‘Googler’ (I am not sure if that is their technical name!) took us through how to ‘Tell your Story Online’, which showed you how to improve your online presence using your website, social platforms, blogs and local directories/ review sites. The sessions are easy to understand and fun at the same time.

I then went on to take part in another group session about how to ‘Reach New Customers Online’ by looking at ways to optimise your presence on Google for search, gain consumer insights and find new customers and to understand the benefits of online advertising.

I know that some of you may have a full understanding of all things online and others may have a limited understanding of it, but the beauty of the Google sessions is that you can then book into a one-to-one session where you have the full attention of someone who is a google ambassador and can answer any questions you may have on topics specific to your business.

For those who are Google-savy, this is still a brilliant opportunity to learn more about what google has to offer, including Google Trends and Google Search Console. And for those who find all the Google offerings a bit over whelming, this is a chance to really get to grips with it all. The sessions are really light hearted and fun, as well as being educational and I would recommend them to everyone! The Google tutorials run up until the end of March, so sign up while you get the chance.

The tutorials are on all throughout March. If any members fancy a trip down to Glasgow get in touch with DAVAA and maybe we can arrange a car share. Details of the courses and how to book are here.