Dundee Photo Tours


We were jumping for joy when a few of our DAVAA members were treated to some photography lessons from the very talented team at Dundee Photo Tours.  Under the expert eyes of Caron Sandeman and Kenny Baird, we set forth on a bright and breezy evening in Dundee for a couple of hours of fun, learning and more fun. Oh and some photography.

Quickly we were looking at the world anew. It was all straight lines and curves. Starting at the very curvy train station, we then made our way to the intriguing lines of V&A Dundee and it soon became apparent that, with the right guidance,  even us with the most basic camera skills were beginning to bring composition, light and subject matter together to create top quality shots.

From Slessor Gardens to Exchange Street, up past St Andrews Cathedral and finally into City Square; the time flew by and all the group were delighted with the images they’d managed to capture.

For the local – the tour really highlighted some of the city’s bright and bold, new and old landmarks and makes you appreciate the beauty that Dundee has in some of its architecture. It’s amazing how differently you view the City when you occasionally look upwards. The phrase ‘Oh I’ve never noticed that before’ was heard on several occasions throughout the tour. David from Monument Cottage said  ‘the great thing for me was learning a bit more about my own camera. I had purchased a new digital camera 2 years ago. Not once has it been off auto mode. During the tour I was encouraged to move on to program and the manual mode, and received some really helpful tuition.’

For visiting guests – it’s a great way to see the city with that most valued commodity in tourism; a good  dash of local knowledge.  Whether as part of a group or on your own; the informal, friendly nature of the tour made everyone feel comfortable and it was a very sociable experience. Those long summer night we enjoy in Scotland can be put to good use on the evening tour and would be a good option post dinner. Fiona from Dupplin152 B&B will definitely be recommending Dundee Photo Tours to her guests. She said ‘they offer a great experience and are a great addition to the activities visitors can enjoy when staying in Dundee’.