Dundee Heritage Trust and DAVAA


DAVAA, in partnership with Dundee Heritage Trust, invited its members on ‘familiarisation’ tours of two of Dundee’s best tourist attractions. Bringing guests from far and wide to visit Dundee, the Verdant Works and RRS Discovery are fantastic assets for the area that our members can highly recommend..

On January the 24th, Mark Munzie of the Trust, treated us to an in depth tour of the historic Discovery  that was built specifically for her first expedition to one of the most inhospitable places on earth, Antarctica. A tour of Discovery Point relays the story of Dundee’s famous ship, why she was built, the voyages she went on and her final return to Dundee. RRS Discovery continues to draw visitors to the city and is currently undergoing another major conservation project on her masts and rigging, so a visit just now is pretty special as she is currently ‘de-rigged’ and we saw her as she’s never been seen before.

Standing on deck revealed a glimpse into how the Discovery will fit into the waterfront development, next to the V&A Dundee and across from Slessor gardens.

The tour began with a welcome from Brett Davidge of the Apex Hotel. Mark’s tour was followed by refreshments upstairs and then a short update by Stuart Clark, of Balmuirfield House, detailing what other events DAVAA would be bringing to our members in the near future.

On February the 16th, we then visited Dundee’s jute museum; the Verdant Works. Brian Kelly led an informative and enjoyable tour of the former 19th century jute mill in the Blackness area of Dundee that was purchased in 1991 by Dundee Heritage Trust. The Trust restored the derelict buildings and opened them in 1996 as a museum dedicated to the textile industry, an industry that once dominated the city’s economy.

Last year saw the opening of a new phase at Verdant Works – The High Mill – where a £3m project saw it transformed from a derelict and decaying building to the fabulous new cathedral height event space that features an 1802 Boulton & Watt Beam engine.