DAVAA Member Survey


There have been so many changes to the tourism landscape of Dundee and Angus over the past few years. A trend that looks set to continue for some time yet. One of the most important reasons members join our Association is to become part of a conversation on how we help our businesses make the most of this transition and, at this time of opportunity, come out the other end stronger and with a healthier occupancy level.

We rely on each other to make DAVAA a voice for the local accommodation community and that means we need  to listen to what our members have to say. So, with this in mind, we conducted our first survey. The questions were all linked to the increased bed stock coming to the City, collaboration between the two areas, the general feeling around the waterfront development and transport links throughout Angus.

A healthy response from 70% of our members gave some great insight into the mood of the membership as we approach ‘2018 – the year of the V&A’.

The group were undecided when asked; ‘what do you think of the current tourism collaboration between Dundee and Angus?’ 56% believed the collaboration was poor and 44% thought the opposite. There was no disagreement, however, on whether Dundee and Angus should collaborate together on a joint tourism strategy. 94% answered with a resounding yes.

The majority of members also held concerns over the increase in bed stock in Dundee with the building of several new hotels and serviced apartments.  This surge in the beds available is to cope with the anticipated growth in visitor numbers expected to head Dundee’s way as a result of the new V&A Dundee. But, many pointed out the need for a greater offer of attractions to compliment the new museum and keep visitors engaged with the wider area to increase the length of their stays.

Transport links, especially around the Angus towns, were generally felt to be hit or miss.  Members commented on the importance of improving the public bus transport as the existing service is believed to be at a level where it reduces the amount of guests who, without their own transport, would consider booking with them.

The full results of the survey are available for our members to view on the members page.