Cruise Tourism Meeting


Our treasurer, Brett Davidge from the Apex City Quay Hotel and Spa, attended the Cruise Tourism meeting organised by Scottish Enterprise on the 17th of November in Dundee.

Presentations on the 15 cruises scheduled to leave Dundee in 2017 were given by Ross Mason of Forth Ports Cruise Division and Laura Cann of Cruise and Maritime Voyagers.

With the cruises largely between June and September the opportunity exists for the tourism sector in Dundee and Angus to benefit in some way from the 1800 passengers and crew that each cruise brings with it during the busy summer months. Being aware of cruise times can be a first step to capitalise on this growing market and promoting through social media could open a potential route to new customers. DAVAA will be looking at ways our membership can integrate into marketing our businesses to take advantage of this new edition to the regional tourism offering.