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Dundee Heritage Trust and DAVAA

DAVAA, in partnership with Dundee Heritage Trust, invited its members on ‘familiarisation’ tours of two of Dundee’s best tourist attractions. Bringing guests from far and wide to visit Dundee, the …[read more]

Rural Broadband Issues

  Louisa Nicoll, of Newton Farm Holidays, relates some of her experiences and tackles the issues faced by rural businesses in the frustrating quest for greater broadband coverage. In this …[read more]

Is your Business ‘China ready’?

A record-breaking number of Chinese students recently spent the summer learning at the University of Dundee. With an increase in the amount of visitors to Dundee and Angus from emerging …[read more]

What could Brexit means for the Hospitality sector in Dundee and Angus?

Following the result of the BREXIT vote, I have retyped my views at least a dozen times! Ranging from the gloom initially thought that leaving the EU would bring to …[read more]