British Hospitality Association Meeting


Again, our intrepid Mr Davidge, was present at the BHA and local hotel association meeting to discuss ‘Tourism Tax’. The subject of this tax has remained rather dormant over the last ten years but has recently resurfaced. The general consensus being that all attending were opposed to any additional taxation being introduced.They all continue to argue for VAT on tourism related transactions to be reduced to an advantageous level closer to that enjoyed by some of our European competitors.

Attendees from Edinburgh, Glasgow and Aberdeen Associations were present and this provided a great opportunity for DAVAA to gain an insight into the workings and strategies of these neighbouring bodies. Each city has an active marketing arm or Destination Marketing Committee (DMC) each promoting themselves. Each DMC is intrinsically linked to their local council and funded through the council.

With Dundee and Angus operating as separate marketing entities; does the opportunity presents itself for Dundee and Angus Councils along with DAVAA to work together on a solution where both regions market each other to a much wider audience? This is something we hope to discuss more in the coming months.