Angus Tourism Meeting


Forbes of Kingennie hosted an Angus Tourism Industry meeting on the 9th of November. The meeting took place as a means of engaging ideas and opinions to gain insight into how Angus should approach the needs of local businesses and moreover how it moves tourism in the area forward.  Angus based DAVAA members attended the meeting.

There were round table discussions where groups rotated to listen to a speaker on different subjects at each table. The speakers were Dennis Macfarlane of VisitScotland, Dr Tom Mathar of LJ Reserach, our member Alan James from the Park & Links Hotels in Montrose and David Smythe, Chair of the Perthshire Tourism Partnership.

Dennis Macfarlane spoke of the #ScotSpirit program and what we could do to improve the guest experience. Allan James spoke on what his business had done to attract more guests via promotion and offers. Dr Tom Mathar spoke on the visitor research work Angus were conducting and how we could help.

Finally, David Smyth opened the subject of collaboration and working in partnership with other local businesses to promote an area. As the conversation flowed it became apparent that there was a hunger for a body to exist within Angus that provided this. Our members stated one already exists in DAVAA. One of DAVAA’s main reasons for being is to provide collaboration from our accommodation providers throughout Dundee and Angus in order to work together and bring more visitors to both council regions. Obviously the opportunity and market exists to grow DAVAA and become a platform that all tourism related businesses can benefit from.

Our members, Libby and Gail Forbes, along with their team provided excellent service in what was a wonderful setting for this informative event.