Angus Tourism Leadership Group and Dundee Culture Tourism meetings


Our members have been keeping abreast of tourism developments by attending meetings held in both Arbroath and Dundee over the past week.


Seven of our members, including our Secretary Stuart Clark, met with other representatives of industry related businesses and organisations at Bruce House in Arbroath to discuss the possibility of establishing an ‘Angus tourism leadership group’. The meeting was set up with the help of Scottish Enterprise and Angus Council and follows on from feedback gained from the tourism meeting held at Forbes of Kingennie back in November. You can read about this in our article from the 9th of November.

Jim Maxwell from Co-operative Development Scotland (CDS), a group within Scottish Enterprise, related details of other collaborative groups that have been set up in Scotland to promote other areas. As the conversation flowed, the majority of the room agreed that there needed to be a more co-ordinated approach to marketing Angus as a destination with the need for a common vision the whole sector can engage with. To move this forward it was suggested that a marketing workshop be arranged to allow ideas to be shared into how this is accomplished. Stuart will be representing DAVAA at the next meeting. If any members wish to contribute any thoughts or ideas towards helping promote Angus, please let us know.

Our Treasurer, Christine Milne of the Westpark Conference and Events Centre, attended a Dundee Cultural Tourism Conference at the Malmaison Hotel. An Inspirational presentation was given by Stewart Walker from bts who talked about the development in the Dundee Waterfront and the “Game Changer” that the V & A will be. To demonstrate further the impact that the V & A is predicted to have on the city he presented the following figures based on the impact that the Borders Railway has had on the local areas in the first 6 months of its opening.  Even more dynamic examples of the positive increases in visitor numbers was given for some home and international venues.



Each of these development projects were viewed, by some, with scepticism as to the projected impact. These are the final figures, as you can see the reality far exceeded the projections. Stuart encourages us as businesses not to underestimate the impact that the V & A will have and to ensure we are well prepared.

The presentation then went on to discuss how Dundee could deliver the best tourist experience. Rather than just selling products or delivering a service, clever collaboration between businesses can enhance the original product or service offer and go on to deliver a unique tourist experience.

A couple of examples given were:

Dark Dundee and Verdant Works, Halloween Take over tour- Dark Dundee deliver one of their specialist tours in Verdant Works. Showcasing the Verdant works museum and delivering a history lesson you may never forget!

Food Meets Art at Gallery 48 – Scarlet Erskine Jewellery is holding a ring making workshop in Gallery 48. A morning of crafts followed by delicious food, a winning combination for family and friends.
DAVAA have introduced associate membership and as a result accommodation providers will have immediate access to businesses which we could collaborate with to enhance the offers we have. Use your imagination to see what experiences you can deliver.