AGM 2018


Forbes of Kingennie played host to this years AGM on the 20th of February and  we welcomed a healthy turnout from the membership.  Our chairman, Brett Davidge, led the meeting and those in attendance heard about what we have achieved as an Association in just over two years ago and the different ways the committee have hopefully been able to positively impact our businesses.

He then went on to speak about DAVAA’s  focus for the Association as being of lending influence and supporting the following cornerstones which our industry relies on.

  • Enhancing and developing the transport infrastructure to the region relating to issues affecting Air and Rail links, Roads, Signage and Parking.
  • Enhancing the Conference, Conventions and Meetings infrastructure within the region to attract a wider portion of this lucrative market. Giving and demanding support from the bodies like the DACB; who facilitate getting this business to the region.
  • Collectively getting behind all initiatives marketing our region and proactively influencing their agendas to drive overnight accommodation and increased dwell time.
  • Advocating and influencing the major events  coming to the city, whilst ensuring their timing maximises the impact for locals and tourists alike. Promote new events such as Hogmanay, running, cycling and other sporting events which give life and soul to the region.

Our Treasurer delivered our financial report for the year and in 2017 we managed to increase the bank balance whilst providing our members with plenty of value for their £100 fee.  Eleven member events such as familiarisation trips, lunches, training courses and a golf outing ensured we maintained plenty of membership engagement last year.

After a brief report from the Secretary on how best to communicate within the Association and an update on our upcoming events, we were then delighted to hear from our guest speakers.  Karen Tocher, from the Dundee and Angus Convention Bureau, and Roy O’Kane, from Kanzen Karate provided our members with information about this summers’ World Karate Championship being held in Dundee. DAVAA were proud to play a part in bringing this world class event to the city and we’re sure it will be a great success. An impressive Karate demonstration followed and the members were glad there was no audience participation required.

More details regarding the AGM are detailed in the reports on the members section of the website.