Archive: February 28, 2017

Angus Tourism Leadership Group and Dundee Culture Tourism meetings

Our members have been keeping abreast of tourism developments by attending meetings held in both Arbroath and Dundee over the past week. Angus Seven of our members, including our Secretary …[read more]

Free Google Tutorials with Digital Garage

Google are holding free tutorials, in various spots around the UK, on everything from online marketing to maximising your online presence and more. I went along to the training session …[read more]

New DAVAA Website

As we grow as an Association the need for effective communication is vitally important. To reach our members and the wider audience to inform them of our ambitions and actions …[read more]

Dundee Heritage Trust and DAVAA

DAVAA, in partnership with Dundee Heritage Trust, invited its members on ‘familiarisation’ tours of two of Dundee’s best tourist attractions. Bringing guests from far and wide to visit Dundee, the …[read more]

Tay Cities Deal

The Tay Cities deal was published on the 3rd of February. Bringing together Angus, Dundee, Perth and northern Fife, this ambitious project hopes to create thousands of jobs and bring …[read more]